Dear 37

Nice to meet you. We are going to spend the next 364 days together so I thought it’d be wise to let you know a little bit about me and my expectations about you.

About me

There’s nothing much to tell except that I am passionate, loving, smart, sharp, full of energy, outspoken, intense, faithful to the core, brutally honest and strong. However, I am also very sensitive, it takes sometime for me to trust and to open to people and I am easily hurt if the people I truly love do not treat me fairly and with devotion. I’m Italian blooded so that should help you read me when in doubt.

I love jewelry, expensive purses, fine meals and wines, exquisite trips and my tastes tend to be quite expensive -if you do not believe me ask my mom who often says that I should have been born into the Rockefeller’s family- but nothing beats a nice word, a fresh rose, a tight hug or a home made meal. Believe it or not, I am easy to please when it comes to things.

I cannot say the same for values and behavior. I demand the utmost care and the highest values from people around me. I guess that explains the short list of true friends I have.

Well, I think that’s already enough for an introduction and I’m sure we’ll have plenty of time to catch up.

My expectations

Oh my, are you sure you are up to the challenge? do you have what it takes? I hope so because the list is short but surely a demanding one.

By now you should know that I (we) just moved, we are getting married in less than 20 days and if God has written it in our book we want to have a baby. Plus, we are raising a very smart, demanding and awesome almost 9 year-old boy.

Getting a feeling of my expectations? This is what I ask of you:

– Health for all of us and the people we love.
– Kindness with me, us, our plans and kids.
– Prosperity enough to be relaxed and to be able to share.
– Patience because we are all learning here and we’ll be adapting to these wonderful changes.
– Love to keep us together through thick or thin.
– Serenity, strength and faith to deal with difficult situations.
– Family and friends to enjoy the days to come.
– The presence of God in our lives to guide us through the path, be it a smooth one or a rather intricate one.

Quite a list umh? You’d better start working.

See you around 37!

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