After a long halt in writing my blog, a friend’s decision to start her own blog brought me here to write a post and reconnect with you all.  Should I be surprised that my last post was on March 17, 2014, 2 years ago from today? At 41, I know better. There are no coincidences. Everything is meant to be, there is a reason behind everything that happens in our life.  Not to mean that we go through life as robots just getting through our destiny, but I am convinced about the power of dates, anniversaries, cause and effect and faith.

Rethinking about my blog brought me to the question of choosing a language for my posts. Randomly Speaking started and was always a Spanish blog because I am from and was living in Venezuela. But things have changed. For the last 21 months, we have lived in Vancouver. We decided to leave Venezuela, looking for a new home to give us, but mostly our teenager son, a safer place to grow up. With safety comes freedom, physical and emotional, as well as opportunities.  Because our circumstances have changed, I have decided that the language of this blog also needed to change. We are not only Venezuelans who speak Spanish, we are now global citizens, with family and friends that speak a variety of languages, being English the common one. Hence my choice for English as the new language for my blog. So if you do not speak Spanish and are new here, Welcome! If, however, you are only a Spanish speaker and there’s is a post that catches your attention and you want a Spanish summary, I would be pleased to provide you with one, even better, I would tell you all about in a call because if you care about what I am writing, I care about you to 🙂

For the new and the old visitors, here is a summary of me, or should I say us? I guess it is both.

-We are a Venezuelan family living in Vancouver since June 26, 2014.

-Our immediate family (I chose the word immediate only because we are the ones that moved to Vancouver) is 1) JG, our boy. He is 13 and he is the love of my life. I will tell you how we met in another post, the story deserves it, 2) The Hubby, 3) Cindy, our almost 4 year old rescue 75% Mini Pin, 25% who know what and 4) I, Ira: intense, loving, stubborn, faithful to the core, restless, impatient and determined mom, daughter, sister, wife, friend, soon-to-be aunt, niece, lawyer, entrepreneur and volunteer.

-Our family back home (and in Denver): Moms, dads, siblings, aunts and uncles and cousins.

-Adoption runs VERY close to our hearts.

-Our friends back home and abroad: Few, but amazing.

-Dogs are part of who we are.

-We are now immigrants, lucky and blessed ones. In less than two years, we have a new home (we actually bought a home in North Vancouver and we cannot believe how lucky we got) and most importantly we have made close friends that make us feel like we belong. Friends that become a substitute mother when you need to travel and drive your kid all over town to his many activities and do it with a smile on their faces, friends that call you up and say let’s go for a walk and bring Cindy (even when they don’t like dogs), friends that host a spa party so their friends can try the products you are distributing, friends that offer to take your son to a two week soccer trip in Europe when you say you cannot go and even though they have 3 kids on their own, coaches that become friends and text to see how your kid did in a try-out of a different sport, friends that support you in ways you never expected from people that a couple of years ago you didn’t even think of actually meeting.

-We are Mulgravians, our son goes to Mulgrave, the best school ever according to us. When you read admission materials the phrase “the right fit” is common. It sounds like a promotional phrase, until you actually find the school that is a reciprocal right fit. When that magic moment happens, you see what it means and we feel extremely fortunate to have found it. We have witnessed our son’s growth as an individual, as a human being, in ways that we couldn’t even imagine.

-We are a sports family only because our son is THE ATHLETE in this family (immediate and extended). He is extremely fit, works and trains harder than anybody I have ever met. The shirt he’s wearing actually reads: Train Insane or Remain the Same. It is the perfect shirt for him and that is how he thinks and behaves. Soccer is his passion though. He breaths soccer and the only dream he has is becoming a professional soccer player. So our days are filled with soccer practices, games, field, cleats, shin guards and water bottles (and thank God, deodorant!).  Running is his second sport. He runs competitively. He’s trying to beat his personal best record of 20:03 minutes for a 5K. I am sure he will beat it this year. He plays basketball, tennis, badminton, rugby and golf. He was also in a diving team, swims (only to please mama) and is crazy about mountain biking, snowboard and skiing. He had to put some of these sports on hold because soccer and running are taking a lot of his time (and he is in Grade 7 is a very demanding IB school), but he practices them whenever he has a chance.

-I am a Venezuelan lawyer and I love it. But law it’s not my only passion. I am also an entrepreneur getting started in the network marketing arena. I am in the middle of the muddy learning curve so bear with me.

-I volunteer in school whenever I can. I find joy in helping, even when I am not making decisions, just lending a hand makes me happy.

-I multitask, I cannot help it.

-Dealing with death and grieving has been an important theme in my life. I am learning, but it is tough. The two people I lost own an huge piece of my heart and letting them go has been of the hardest things I had to do. They also deserve separate posts.

-I love food and cooking (and eating it, at least that is what the scale clearly says).

-I miss my mom like crazy but have high hopes that things will change soon and she will be very close to us.

Wow this has been a long post and I could write forever. Anyway, I hope this summary gives you a good idea of us. I write about any and everything and I am hoping that you stay and share a laugh, a tear and some love.