I am a Venezuelan-Italian living in Vancouver, BC.

In June 2014, we left our beloved Venezuela to find a safer place to raise our boy. It’s been an amazing ride and we have been lucky and blessed with a great community in school, our neighborhood and socially.

We are a 100% atypical and mixed family. I adopted my son when he was a young child and some years later I met my husband. He’s been the only dad my son has had and he’s done an amazing job. We’ve had our share of struggles as parents, as a couple, as adoptive parents and as human beings, but recognising our limitations, learning from our mistakes and being thankful for our blessings has made us stronger as a family. We are always learning, challenging each others points of view and open to discuss everything with an open heart.

I am also a self-employed lawyer, a cook, a driver, a soccer mom and my genes blessed me with lots of energy to tackle several things at the same time.

I constantly honour my ancestors and mostly the two most amazing women I have ever met and that are my immediate predecessors in my family tree. My maternal grandmother, which to this day I refer to as ” mi mamma” who passed in 2011 and was an inspiration of love, service, dedication and commitment. And my mother, who’s in her mid 60s and still has more health and energy than most of the people I know. She will soon be living in BC although she still doesn’t know it.

I recently became an aunt. Baby Luca has brought so much joy and deep love to our lives.

This blog is about every and anything. I originally started in Spanish a LONG time ago mostly to describe our adoption story but it has mutated with time and I use it now as a window to my heart and my never quiet brain.

Read on and I hope you decide to stay.




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